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Top 5 Spring Remote Work Essentials

02 March 2022


As time moves on, it’s time to start saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring. 2022 is here and time is already moving fast, but can you keep up?

Though it may sound odd to some, it’s important to adjust your remote work routine for the changing of the seasons. As you may know, the seasons can sometimes affect our moods, so to optimize our productivity there are certain habits we should embrace to feel our best.

Unlike winter (where the darkness affects us), spring is a generally positive season. It’s the start of a new year and though spring officially starts in March, we can start prepping for it early. We’ve researched the best tips to help you get ready for spring.

Keep reading to find out more.

1. A Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Many remote workers will be confused about this point, but hear us out. Even though working from home doesn’t come with a business casual dress code, it can be helpful to avoid wearing pyjamas all day. Studies have shown that getting up and dressed mentally prepares you for the day ahead.

It’s time to retire the dressing gown and get dressed into a new spring wardrobe. This is a fun technique as it allows you to treat yourself to a few new clothes. Again, this isn’t to be frivolous! Studies really have shown that wearing professional clothes that you feel comfortable in helps to increase your productivity. So, consider investing in some new spring staples.

2. Fitness Tools

Another way to say hello to spring is to add to your exercise regime. Whether you've got a split workout regime or not, a new piece of equipment can motivate you through the next few months. As humans, we love to reward ourselves for our hard work, so adding some new toys to your workout will empower you to stay fit.

Staying fit keeps your brain healthy, your mind less stressed, and it also improves your general quality of life too. A great way to combine your work and exercise goals is to try a unique tool like the Cycle Desk Bike. This allows you to stay active and it also keeps you from sitting stationary for long periods too. Find out more about this innovative machine here.

3. A Seasonal Re-Design

Working from home can be tough sometimes, no matter what season it is. Sometimes you need to put a little effort into your surroundings in order to motivate yourself. We tend to react well to aesthetically pleasing spaces, so take some time this spring to see if your home office needs redecorating.

Whether you opt for a seasonally appropriate design or just refresh some older elements, taking time to reassess your space can benefit you in the long run. If you’re keen to try some early spring cleaning, a new Mobile File Cabinet might be your next best friend. A bouquet of seasonal flowers is also a great way to embrace the new season with some home decor.

4. A New Morning Routine

Interested in giving your morning routine a shakeup? This can give you some new healthy habits and inspire you to get up earlier too. As the seasons change, the weather tends to become more agreeable, and the sun rises sooner. This is a great excuse to get up for a morning walk, run, or even some sunrise yoga.

If you don’t fancy sports in the morning, you can wake up early and start prepping a nutritious breakfast instead. Whether you opt for a full meal or a fruit smoothie, some morning feed will prepare your body and mind for the day. Other great ideas to implement into your morning routine include vitamins, reading the news, a dog walk, and more.

5. Spring Meal Plan

The start of spring is another great excuse to try out some different meals. As some fruits and vegetables are seasonal, you can use spring as a chance to sample some new dishes with different ingredients. This is a fun way to get creative in the kitchen, nourish your body and mind too.

Popular spring ingredients include:

- Apples

- Carrots

- Lettuce

- Cauliflower

- Asparagus

- & more

Add these tasty treats to your meals for something new. Whether you’re an advanced chef or a beginner cook, there are easy and more intricate meals out there to try. Not only that, but cooking is a great way to wind down from work after a long day.

Staying On Top Of Your Work

Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into a run or an unproductive routine when working from home. The changing of the season is a great way to stop and adjust your daily routine to your current needs. Make sure you’re ahead of spring and make these changes early, allowing you to be the best version of yourself this year.

Do you adjust your remote work routine often? Tell us your favourite work from home tips in the comments.