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Tips on How to Properly Clean Your Work Desk

28 April 2021

Everybody knows that it is better to work on a clean and organized desk rather than one that is poorly arranged. It immensely affects one's train of thought and motivation to produce the quality output and attitude towards work. As time has permitted, some if not all workers to continue on their jobs at home. With all the things to consider such as the other family members and household responsibilities, it is quite likely to get attuned to the desk setup you have at home. Whether it has food crumbs or messy kitchenware, you usually just proceed to work without regard to those desk visitors.

If your goal is to be someone who puts out an efficient and quality output, having a clean desk is highly beneficial. To get started on that cleaning spree, you have to understand why you should do that. Remember that your workstation reflects your work and character. 

In this article, we will deal with this activity and make it a regular practice that you should squeeze into your daily routine. This should not feel like a chore, but it should be automatic and constantly done. You work on that desk and it is right to keep it clean and properly maintained. Let us talk about the importance and impact that having a clean desk can bring to you and your daily work performance.

The Benefit of Having a Clean Office Desk

Keeping the workplace clean and tidy increases productivity and morale, so staying on top of the mess should be a top priority. Maintaining a strict cleaning schedule is important to ensuring workers stay positive and safe in the workplace, as desks provide the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

It can avoid the potential build-up of virus and bacteria.

The typical office desk can host more bacteria than a public toilet seat, thanks to many employees eating in front of their computers and the amount of time they spend at their desks!

Cleaning desks by wiping them clean and sanitizing commonly used products like the keyboard and mouse – where bacteria can thrive – is critical to preventing the spread of germs and disease to you and other workers in the building.

It can help you have increased productivity.

A cluttered workspace has been shown to reduce employee morale and create a distracting working atmosphere – particularly when your desk is so cluttered that you cannot find what you need when you need it. Maintaining an orderly, tidy desk will allow you to access documents exactly when and where you need them, freeing up time during the day to concentrate on your work.

Your stress is reduced.

Similarly, improving your desk hygiene will reduce stress levels in the workplace significantly. A cluttered desk will make it difficult to concentrate on assignments and interrupt you during the day, increasing your stress level. Taking 5 minutes at the end of the day to restore order and make room for the cleaners to sanitize your desk can have a significant impact on your productivity.

Your home office protection has been enhanced.

Even when working at home, you have to safeguard your confidential office information. The regular practice of data security is essential and necessary to protect sensitive information. No matter who you live with and where you go, information security practices are crucial for any professional. Most employees who leave their desks piled high with paperwork at the end of the day are exposing potentially confidential information to the public. Adopting a clean desk policy and encouraging workers to keep their desks clean and put all papers away at the end of each day will increase your data protection.

Things to consider when cleaning your desk

Having a clean and organized desk can give you satisfaction and even renewed energy and inspiration. When your desk is spic and span, you are more concentrated leading you to get the job done and in good quality. It improves your workflow and attitude toward your work. Usually, it only happens in the beginning and when things get hard to handle, it can potentially spiral out of control. Your clean desk normally lasts a day or two, and after a few major tasks, the clean desk reverts to its previous state of chaos. 

Here are tips that you should be mindful of when it comes to properly maintain your desk space.

  • Make a structure for yourself. Place your latest projects in project jackets, poly file files, or other manila folders to keep them organized. Take the time to mark each file and place it in an incline sorter upright. This is a perfect way to avoid stacks of files while still allowing you to see all of your tasks at a glance. You now have a system in place to help you keep your desk tidy.

  • Remove all sources of distraction. It is no surprise that keeping a clean desk is such a challenge with people stopping by your area, your phone ringing, email coming in at a steady rate, and keeping up with appointments and meetings. To make life easier, get rid of unnecessary personal objects, such as items that must be returned home. You should also pay careful attention to the area underneath your desk, as this is a common hideaway for clutter. These distractions can only serve to deter you from achieving your target of a clean desk.

  • Be attentive. This is essential to maintain since you own that area. When you eat on your desk, you should be mindful of the surface where you are placing it. Be responsible and watch out for spills or crumbs. Clean it right away by grabbing a tablecloth or a wet wipe. Do not let it linger or leave marks on the surface of your desk. If you have a FlexiSpot standing desk at home like the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series, it is just right to maintain and regularly upkeep it. Not only do you make it tidy but also presentable. To work efficiently, you should be delicately taking care of your work desk.

  • Be organized and make sure your items are placed where you can get access to them. Maintain proximity to your supplies. Drawers and pencil caddies are practical ways to keep often-used products close at hand. It is important to have all your work items and supplies within eyesight. This saves you the trouble of rummaging through your stuff just to find a paper clip or something crucial that you need.

  • Consider your desk to be prime real estate. Whatever occupies the room must be deserving of it. Just keep things here that you use regularly. Be sure also that you place some cleaning items like tissue, wet wipes, and tablecloth for your desk to make sure you are ready for any spill gaming that will happen. 


These basic but effective ideas will help you keep your desk clean all year. You will have more time and energy to focus on more critical projects now.