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The Simple Guide for a Mentally Sound Mind and Heart amidst the Pandemic

15 April 2021

Every pandemic has brought upon our world different sets of struggles and pain that sometimes, it all seems to much to handle. With that in mind, keeping a mentally sound mind and heart is important for the years that would come.

The first step is always the hardest one to take which is why in this article are some of the things that you can do to never let the negative vibes affect your overall well-being.

The Outside is Waiting for You
 Nature will always have an outstanding therapeutic effect for humans. Even if you consider yourself to be a homebody, going outside and soaking in the warm glow of the bright sun helps us to be happier. This is due to the production of the happy hormone called serotonin.

At times, looking at the greener grass on the other side of the country can improve your overall mood and reduce stress caused by the pandemic among many others. Nature is definitely our planet’s natural therapy. How could it not be when all we see are the beauty nature can offer? That is why go ahead, plan that nature trip and watch how the natural sights can wash away your stressors and anxiety.

However, if your town or county is advised to undergo a lockdown, it is best to follow the rules and just stick with our number 2 tip which is;

Cultivate that Green Thumb Inside Your Home
Taking care of plants reminds us to have some self-care. The act of watering the plants or succulents is akin to us hydrating our bodies. Removing the unsightly dried up leaves of our plants is an ode to making sure that we keep ourselves clean and presentable-- even if no one is around.

Look at the plant as if it is you. It is still thriving even under the dreadful circumstance that is the pandemic.

To Disconnect is to Connect
 Did staying inside your home for months on end made you realize that your hobby always involves technology? Now is the best time to disconnect! Being too connected and reliant on technology sometimes exposes us to things that is better left unknown if our mental well-being is on the verge of fragility. A few moments or hours of disconnect also helps us connect with our inner selves that would be impossible if we are stuck like glue to our little screens. 

If you are scared about missing out on what the World Wide Web has to offer, never fret. Plugging out for a few moments here and there has some physical and mental health benefits.

Taking time off your computer saves your eyesight, your sanity, and your overall health. Just do not forget to give your friends and family a “disconnection notice” for their own peace of mind.

 A Hobby Baby

Connected to number three is pursuing hobbies and interests that you held back due to not having enough time. Once you have disconnected, try to read up some books that can take you to another dimension. Reading also gives you the opportunity to get out of the house without stepping outside.

If your town or country permits, why not attend a class that can help you develop new skills? You will also have the pleasure to meet other people outside of your circle.

 It is Nice to be Organized

A troubled mind and heart can sometimes lead you down a rabbit hole of letting your place get messier with each passing day. To lessen the mental clutter on your head, it is better to start cleaning up the your tangible surroundings.

Start with the easiest task first so that you can spend more energy on those that require more. To add some calming sight to your room or house, add plants near windows and your bed. According to Color Psychology, the blue hue can project coolness and serenity as it symbolizes the vast skies and heaven. Besides, adding pops of white with the Mobile File Cabinet is a good decoration. Just remember that your home or room does not need to look like the pictures we see on social media. What matters is that you find a little sanctuary to call your own and FlexiSpot can help you achieve that style peg.

Feel your Feelings

At a young age, some of us are taught to conceal and not feel your emotions. Growing up, we are bombarded by the toxic idea that being attuned to your feelings make you weak. A research conducted last 2013 states that while hiding your emotions can be socially beneficial, it will have a long-term effect on your cognitive functioning.

While it is not okay to lash out the minute you feel anger or despair creeping in, it is also not healthy to keep it all in. According to Psychology, catharsis is the mental process wherein you release pent up emotions to make yourself feel better.

Cathartic activities can include;

l Crying

l Keeping a Journal

l Playing Sports

l Blasting some music and singing along.


If the activities mentioned above does not seem to work for you, the final step would be;

Reach out to a Professional

Talking to a mental health professional sounds intimidating for a beginner. If we look at the reality of things, first visits to a mental health professional is unlike what the movies portray. The first time might seem like words come out of your mouth to only form incoherent thoughts. Yet, the psychologist, guidance counselor, or psychiatrist will lead you all the way to discover what is causing your overall negative emotions or even the lack of it. Reaching out to someone who will listen is another form of catharsis that many choose to avoid for fear of being ostracized.

The stigma surrounding people who ask for mental help is also what deters most people away from happiness. Proper education and guidance for every party involved is important to lessen the profound effect of ostracism one might experience.

The pandemic may not be going anytime soon. But with these simple guide, we are hoping that the silent pandemic that mind and heart is brewing would all be over. Remember that life is not meant to all rainbows and butterflies but a series of highs and lows.


With that being said, it is a comforting thought that there are steps to make yourself feel better. If those did not work, then the big league mental health professionals can take over and save you from your heart and mind’s pandemic.