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How to Shift to an Ergonomic Lifestyle

21 April 2021

When working from home has been the choice of all workers and employers because of the pandemic, you found yourself not ready for it. You do not have a designated workstation and you have no workplace essentials. Sadly, you got stuck with working uncomfortably in your dining area or even on the floor. This kind of setup can do more harm than good. This screams nothing ergonomic. Are you forever going to suffer like this?

The solution to your problem is to try out an ergonomic lifestyle. With all those tips and tricks out there, you get flustered and do not know where to start. Luckily, this guide will help you figure things out while starting. In addition, you will get to know a company dedicated to helping people like you transform their home office to their desired outcome. 

Keep in mind that a relaxing work environment will help you perform at your best. With this visual guide to office ergonomics, you can give your sitting work area a makeover. 

Ergonomics Explained

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, ergonomics means "fitting a work to an individual" (OSHA). Decrease the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, muscle strains, and lower back injuries by using an ergonomic configuration.

You must understand that proper office ergonomics considers the following:

  • adequate equipment spacing

  • good desk posture

  • correct chair height

  • proper neck and back position

  • appropriate monitor setting

  • great home office ventilation

These are just some of the factors to consider in an ergonomic setup.

Ergonomics in the Area of Work

Workplace ergonomics is the science of creating a workplace that considers the worker's strengths and weaknesses. Staff become fatigued, irritated, and injured as a result of poor worksite design. This almost never results in the most efficient employee. It is more likely to result in a debilitating and expensive injury, as well as decreased productivity and poor product quality.

An ergonomics development mechanism in the workplace eliminates risk factors that contribute to musculoskeletal injuries, allowing for increased human efficiency and productivity.

You are eliminating obstacles to optimum healthy work efficiency by improving the work process. You are giving the employees work that is beyond their physical capacities and weaknesses. You will also be helping the company's bottom line.

When done correctly, an ergonomics improvement process will help the business compete in the market and provide a healthier work environment for your work or your business.

Knowing and Maintaining the Right WFH Posture

No matter where you are WFH—be it in a dedicated at-home office space or from the kitchen counter—there is a certain posture that will help reduce your risk of developing pain:

  • Your feet should be flat on the ground, your legs should be aligned, and your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle.

  • Your elbows should also be bent at 90 degrees and close to your body, hanging easily below your shoulders rather than tucked up against your ribs.

  • Your shoulders and back must be comfortable.

You should also be seated all the way back in your chair, with your shoulders above your hips and your head over your shoulders, with the rest of your body in position. Joint alignment is important because if they are not, you risk turning your posture and the muscles that support it out of whack, which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries.

Can setting up a workstation help avoid potential health issues?

Once you have considered putting into account your posture, you should try to look up ways to set up an ergonomic station. Having a dedicated place to work can help you more than you know. You leave behind the distractions of other family members walking right by you. You can focus more and stay productive. On top of that, you get additional health support for your body when you have applied ergonomics at your home office.

Start investing in an ergonomic chair, a desk that can be adjusted to keep you standing or sitting, whichever you prefer, a good monitor, office essentials and accessories, and other things you need to complete the setup. You can find more products on FlexiSpot's website

Companies like FlexiSpot understands your plight. It has been their longstanding mission to transform lives and help organizations and their employees better their everyday work lives through technology, and through their products, they hope to be able to assist you with the challenges you face.

Since the surface you will be operating on at home is unlikely to be adjustable, you will have to work some magic with your chair and all your office paraphernalia to achieve proper organization. One caveat: many desks and tables are designed to accommodate taller people. It is a smart idea to make some changes if you are on the petite side.

Benefits of Ergonomics

When you have applied ergonomics in your workplace at home, you are bound to reap certain benefits. You are more likely to avoid costly medical treatments since you have shifted to an ergonomic lifestyle. You increase significant cost savings. 

With ergonomics in place, you improve your productivity. Also, you are more dedicated to tackling the workday. You are less fatigued and frustrated. 

Besides that, you work better, and your overall performance improves drastically. With the integration of office ergonomics at home, you are safeguarding your health and safety. 


Changing your current work setup is not only for aesthetics or to assert authority at home. You should think of it as an investment in your health. It is important to pay attention to your body if you begin to feel pain. Pain is always your body's way of saying something might be wrong. Do not let yourself unprotected. Avoid dealing with health issues by transforming your work area into a more customized experience for your needs. An ergonomic lifestyle is not just for health concerns but for your overall comfortable and productive experience. If you want to start getting ergonomically designed products, check FlexiSpot’s website now.