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How to Keep a Healthy Skin

15 March 2022

You are as beautiful as your skin is. In today’s world, the first thing people judge in a person’s appearance is how great their skin looks - from its complexion to texture to nature, you name it.

As a result, many people are now conscious of their skin. While some cosmetic practices can be toxic to your skin, some routines can improve your skin's health. If you would like to improve your skin's glow and texture naturally, all the while staying healthy, then read on.

Do you know that healthy skin acts as the first layer of defense in the human body? It ensures that germs and bacteria are kept at bay. It also informs the body of lurking danger and the need to move away from harm’s way. Now, you know why you must keep healthy skin and make sure to enjoy these and several other advantages.  

While you go all out to glow, remember to follow these tips:

1. Protect your skin from the sun

Science tells us that the skin can get vitamin D from sunlight, yet prolonged exposure to sun rays can be harmful to the skin. It could lead to wrinkles, age spots, and an increased risk of severe conditions like skin cancer. 

You may be wondering how it is possible to keep your skin away from the sunlight. Although it's an arduous task, it's simple and achievable. 

Firstly, you can use a sunblock - a cream that absorbs or reflects most of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Ultimately, it helps protect the skin against sunburn and reduces the risk of skin cancer. You can apply sunscreen at intervals of 2 hours; it may be less if you are sweating or involved in activities like swimming. 

You can also avoid the sun during the hours when the rays are strongest. Meanwhile, putting on some protective clothing could effectively shield your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

2. Quit or Avoid Smoking

To maintain smooth and healthy skin, cut down on smoke inhalation. It's as bad for the skin as it is for the lungs.

Smoking hurts the luster of your skin, which makes your skin look pale and old. It causes quick wrinkling of the skin. Moreso, it constricts the blood vessels at the skin's surface, thereby depriving the skin of oxygen and essential nutrients for its health.

Habitual smoking damages elastin and collagen — proteins found in the skin for shape and texture. 

Do you wish to stall the development of wrinkles on your face and hands until later? Then quit smoking for healthier skin.

3. Nutrition 

Nutrition is an essential aspect of human life, and a nutritious body is a healthy and beautiful one. With a well-balanced diet, you can achieve radiant and healthy skin. Even a good amount of water intake goes a long way to keep the skin refreshed and hydrated. 

A scientific report suggests that a diet rich in fish oil and fish oil supplements brings radiance and brightness to the skin.

This same research found that unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates are not particularly good for skin health. Hence, they should not be included in your diet.

4. Skin Handling

In a bid to keep beautiful and healthy skin, you may indulge in some "harmless" cleaning practices. For instance, you may have grown a habit of using soaps with strong cleansing power or spending long hours in the shower.

Though these practices seem harmless, they may not be. Prolong showers and strong bathing soaps tend to deplete the healthy oils in your skin. 

You can also remove hairs off your skin with the aid of a clean shaving stick, shaving cream, lotion, or gel. Remember to always pat your skin gently after washing. If you have dry skin, consider applying a moisturizer.

As a routine, always handle your skin gently with the care it deserves. Ensure you check whether your beauty products suit your skin type before use.

5. Stress

A high-stress level can take a toll on the general appearance of your skin. This explains the acne breakouts you experience during a hectic period. Getting to the root of your stress issues and managing them can thus be beneficial in maintaining healthy and intact skin.


Reasonably, whether due to cost or time, many can’t afford the luxury of a spa session. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that they still can't enjoy healthy skin while giving it the essential care it needs. 

Without expensive skin products and an intensive skincare routine, you can still keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Hopefully, with these helpful care tips, your skin will always be in great shape.