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Healthy Hinge (Knee) Joints

31 May 2021

A senior citizen like me is not supposed to roam around the city frequently as we are still experiencing the pandemic due to covid-19. However, it is hard to stay at home and confine yourself in the four corners of your bedroom or in the living room every single day of my life. 

Well, we can do some physical activities at home. You can even do exercises and I do that with my aerobic videos for 30 minutes a day. But sometimes I miss a day, especially when I have to work and write my articles the whole day. In short, I am living a sedentary life with my career as a writer and a senior citizen in that order.

Now the cases are already decreasing with the vaccination centers even in the pharmacy, I had my first jab already. So I am more bold enough to go out and run errands for myself. I go to the grocery store and supermarket to buy my favorite ice cream, fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is a delight for me to go out and see people passing by. I sometimes sit down on a bench near the river, a stone’s throw from my home. The weather is cool but not cold so it is comfortable for me to go out with just my cardigan and scarf. I love to see the birds flying seeking food from the children eating popcorn and ice cream. I love just the way nature has provided these scenarios.

What I observed was that when I went out, I seemed to walk slowly and my knees were really giving me such excruciating pain. I usually felt this pain after a long hiatus in my house especially when the pandemic was really intense and many people got sick with the virus. So I did not go out then. After a few months that the pandemic was getting weaker, I started to go out to breathe some more fresh air and to enjoy my favorite pastime: people watching.

I consulted my doctor and he said I have some troubles with my bones and he prescribed some pain killer drugs to alleviate my condition. He also advised me to move around more often so I could exercise my joints especially on my knees to reduce the pain. The more movements, the more it would be better for me. So, I did try to exercise and took some calcium-enriched vitamins for my bones. You see, I have osteoporosis so it is good for me to take some vitamins.

I heeded my doctor’s advice to move around the house but still I can feel the pain after several hours of sitting in front of the computer. I cannot avoid it because I am working and that is my bread and butter. I think you will also agree that at some point even if you know it is bad for you, you have to do it for the sake of having an advantage like earning some money.

I researched the different joints that we have. Pardon me, I already forgot my science subject, biology. I studied it a long time ago. It’s been ages. And I just bumped into an online article (} and this may also help you review with me some of the joints we have in our body such as:

● Fibrous - immovable joints - where the teeth are held to their bony sockets

● Cartilaginous -semi immovable joints - an example is between vertebrae in the spine

● Synovial - joints are the most common classification of a joint within the human body. They are highly moveable . There are 6 (six) types under this category:

1. Hinge joint e.g. elbow/ knee

2. Pivot joint - e.g. Top of the neck (atlas and axis bones)

3. Ball and socket joint - e.g. Shoulder/Hip 

4. saddle joint - e.g. CMC joint at the base of the thumb

5. Condyloid joint - e.g. Wrist/MCP in the hand & MTP joints in the foot

6. Gliding joint - e.g. Intercarpal joints in the hands

As you can see, the knee is a hinge joint . A joint is a point where two or more bones meet. So this joint is giving me pain every time I sit for a few hours or stand for more than two hours or so. And I do not want to take medicine every time I feel pain because I think it becomes habitual for me. Well, this is just based on my experience. 

 I didn't mean to offend those in the medical field. Without taking pain killers, I injured the pain and just bought herbal oil made from moringa oleifera to rub my knees once I feel serious pain on my knees and legs. 

Fortunately, the pain was reduced after applying the oil on my knees for two weeks and doing some physical activities and exercises at home. I also more frequently go out now as there are not many restrictions imposed on us. Exercise has a lot to do with my knee and leg pains. It is wonderful to be pain free so you could move around independently.

I am also planning to buy a piece of furniture that I think is really fantastic and I am sure will aid me in making my knee pain-free in the near future. 

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