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BackSupport Office Chair POLY (Winner of the 2022 IF Design Award)

10 January 2023

Comfort is one of the essential elements in any space, whether at home or in the office. It is an entity that should not be traded for anything; not even beauty. But what if you can get beauty and comfort rolled into one office item? That’s the highlight of the POLY Ergonomic Office chair.

Most ergonomic chairs serve their purpose by providing adequate comfort to their users. But not a lot can be said about their appearance. After all, attention is mainly set on function rather than the outlook of an office item.

BackSupport Office Chair by FlexiSpot is an exception, though. It is a stunning piece with an extraordinary design and visual impression. This seat is excellently crafted to suit your needs and add a unique style to your space.

As we advance, we’ll be discussing the POLY Ergonomic Office and Home Chair and what it offers. Below are the various ways this furniture piece can improve your space.

1. Unique Comfort

This ergonomic office and home chair is an embodiment of comfort and is an excellent way to add convenience to your workspace. It has a self-gravity balance function with tilt lock and tilt tension adjustment, making it super easy to relax while working. There is also an adjustable armrest with a soft surface for comfortable elbow placement.

With its bionic curved back design, your back and spine will get the maximum support they need. Moreover, the backrest, built from a 3D knitted breathable fabric, is precisely designed to provide elastic support for the body. Meanwhile, the airspaces in the fabric ensure good aeration, preventing excessive perspiration after sitting for long hours.

Finally, you can easily adjust the POLY ergonomic chair to suit your posture without having to stand up.

2. Futuristic Design

‘Our goal is not to show you the future, but to bring you into it’. Those were the words of the design studio, and they totally captured the essence of POLY’s design. If you are looking to complete a sophisticated office look, this chair seems just like the missing piece of that puzzle.

POLY’s seat gives a sensual and curvaceous feel, which you won't find in many other brands. Putting this chair in your office or home is an ideal way to bring the design of your space to the fore. Every angle and curve of the POLY chair is well-crafted; it feels like a work of art.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic effects of this chair’s design, the structural design also plays a role in its function. The V-shaped back frame, for example, looks perfect for the armrests and helps define the dynamic posture of geometric aesthetics.

3. Durability

In addition to its exquisite design and plush comfort, this ergonomic chair is also famed for its durability. This should come as no surprise, given that this furniture piece was crafted with quality materials. This means you can trust this exquisite ergonomic furniture to remain in peak conditions years after purchase.

Furthermore, every material or production defect in the POLY chair is covered by FlexiSpot Limited Warranty. However, this warranty only applies to the original buyer and is not transferable. Additionally, you must have purchased the chair from an authorised retailer or reseller to enjoy this benefit.

4. Automation

A POLY chair has a one-size-fits-all design, allowing you to customise your seat to your preferred height and elevation. But the best part is, this adjustment can be made with just one click.

Similarly, you can adjust the armrest conveniently, albeit without needing buttons. All you need to do is lift the handles to the desired height. The armrest is structured so that your hands and shoulders are properly aligned and well-supported.

5. Lumbar Support

One of the most prominent features of any ergonomic office chair is its lumbar support, and the POLY chair does not disappoint in this regard. The sliding adjustable back frame provides ample support to the lower back region of the body.

This lumbar support helps to alleviate the stress and discomfort associated with sitting for long hours. Moreover, this chair component has a broad adjustment range that accommodates virtually every individual.

6. Distinctive Colour

Indeed, one could argue about this chair’s lack of colour depth. POLY is only available in red colour. For some people, this might limit their creative and imaginative thoughts on how to style their space with this chair.

However, one can’t deny that this colour exudes a feeling of vitality. You can let your imaginations run riot and not be afraid to combine various styles and furniture with the POLY chair. It will only result in a vibrant office look with an aesthetic feel.


Quite frankly, there’s hardly any way you could go wrong with the POLY Ergonomic Office and Home Chair - and the review above attests to that. This chair provides the best comfort you need when working at home or in your office.

But besides its ergonomic benefit, the POLY Ergonomic Office and Home Chair also add an aesthetic appeal to your space. So, if you have a thing for comfortable office chairs with exquisite designs, this chair is your best bet!