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A Guide to Properly Using Ergonomic Chairs and Selecting the Perfect Fit

26 April 2023

Workplace design and applying essential ergonomic principles are two of the most crucial elements in producing a comfortable and efficient workspace, according to research and labour statistics! When designing a more comfortable workstation, an ergonomic chair is a great place to start. They are made to assist proper posture, ease physical strain, and enhance general comfort. Yet, with the variety of alternatives available on the market, selecting the ideal ergonomic chair for you might be challenging.

If you're looking to purchase an ergonomic chair, but are not sure where to start - you're in the right place. We hope that this article can act as a comprehensive guide to properly using ergonomic chairs and selecting the perfect fit to ensure that you are sitting comfortably and safely.

Purchasing Your Ergonomic Chair

Let's start by discussing the things you should consider when purchasing an ergonomic office chair. These tips will ensure you purchase an ergonomic chair that best suits your personal requirements.


The adjustable features of ergonomic chairs are designed with your comfort in mind. For instance, you should be able to slide the backrest up and down to ensure the lumbar curve of the chair's backrest fits properly against the curve of your lower back. Ergonomic office chairs also have a reclining feature, allowing you to change positions with ease. To relieve strain on your lower back and provide additional upper-body support, it is best to recline your chair between 110 and 130 degrees. All of these adjustments are specifically designed to ensure you are sitting both comfortably and safely.


We are all aware of how important durability is when choosing any piece of furniture, and ergonomic chairs are no exception. Durable ergonomic chairs are built to withstand regular (or daily) use. They last for many years without requiring frequent maintenance or replacement. If you are looking for a chair to last you through the years, check out FlexiSpot's offerings.


Another thing you must consider when purchasing an ergonomic chair is your budget. Once you've decided on a spending limit, you can choose which chair will provide you with the best value for money. Generally, the price of ergonomic chairs ranges from £100 to approximately £2000. Most people spend between £200 to £500, which will get you a decent chair. Companies such as FlexiSpot are great if you're on a budget because they sell durable, high-quality, comfortable chairs for as little as £299.


A final thing to consider when purchasing an ergonomic chair is its size. This is because the chair's size has a significant impact on the level of support and comfort it offers. While assessing an ergonomic chair's size, please keep the following elements in mind:

● You should measure the size of space you have available and purchase a chair according to this size. If your chair is too big for your office you might find yourself bending over and sitting awkwardly. This defeats the objective of purchasing an ergonomic office chair!

● The adjustable features on an ergonomic chair such as its height, seat depth and armrests mean they can accommodate various body shapes and desk heights.

How to use your ergonomic chair?

You won't feel the full benefits of using an ergonomic chair if you do not follow our tips below. Let's jump straight in!

● First, you must adjust the seat height. A comfortable seat height is one that allows you to rest both feet on the ground and bend your knees and hips at a 90-degree angle. Your ankles, hips, and knees will be put under extra strain if you don't set the seat back to the proper height.

● Next up is the seat depth. Seat depth refers to the distance between the front and back edges of your seat. Sit all the way back in your chair to check the seat depth. Make a fist, then push it on your calf to see if there is enough space between the front edge of the chair and your calves. You probably have enough room if you can fit your entire fist between the front border of the chair and your calf. Your back pain will improve significantly if your seat is at the proper depth.

● To support your shoulders, you should adjust your armrests.

● Your ergonomic chair might also feature adjustable lumbar support and headrests. You should adjust these to suit your body!

Concluding Thoughts

Today, we have given you our top tips for choosing the best ergonomic chair for your needs. We also told you how to adjust said chair to best suit your preferences. If you want a more comfortable work life, invest in one of FlexiSpot's ergonomic chairs today!