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Your Gift Guide for Father's Day 2022

13 June 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday 19 June 2022. But are you ready? If not, don’t worry – we have everything you need to help you make this Father’s Day one to remember.

From traditional gifts like ties, socks, and tickets to cool tech gadgets, we have a bit of everything. Whether he’s a new dad, a techie dad, a sports dad, or a chef dad, find the perfect gift for your dad with our list of ideas.

For the bookworm dad: Whether he’s an avid contemporary fiction reader, or he enjoys classic literature, why not gift him something to read? From limited edition paperback books to e-books and audiobooks, there’s something for all readers. You might even consider getting him a subscription for his favourite platform – or a Kindle!

For the stylish dad: If your dad loves looking smart while he's out and about, get him some accessories that are sure to please. From cufflinks and tie clips to pocket squares and bags, make sure he has everything he needs to make sure his look is on point.

For the tech-savvy dad: Whether he’s an Apple addict or a laptop lurker, pick up some hi-tech accessories for your dad that he’ll love. From dongles to cleaning wipes and power banks, there’s something for every type of dad.

For the sports lover dad: Whether he’s an aficionado of rugby or a big fan of tennis, you can pamper him with some sports accessories that he’ll still love. Take care of his tools, give him a sports kit, or get him a pair of new shoes and socks – there is something for every type of dad.

For the foodie dad: Whether he’s an avid home cook or an amateur chef in training, your dad will be delighted to have a new set of kitchen gadgets to help make his cooking experience even better. Or perhaps treat him to some gourmet ingredients to help him create even more delicious dishes (which you can then *ahem* help with a taste test). Food is one of those things in life that helps us bring people together and enjoy good times with each other—and your foodie father will love you for it.

For the gadget dad: If your dad is a tech nerd, you know he’s not going to be able to resist a new piece of equipment. Whether it’s a new tablet, camera, or smartwatch, there are plenty of new and exciting devices for him to enjoy this Father’s Day.

For the geeky dad: If your dad is a sci-fi nerd or an anime lover, why not treat him with a limited edition collectible? From apparel to toys, from posters to figurines, there is something for every type of sci-fi fan.

For the gamer dad: Whether he’s a retro gamer or a modern day gaming mastermind, you can pick up some of his favourite games to help him enjoy his time playing his favourite titles. Or why not pick up some accessories and PC parts to give him the ultimate gaming setup?

For the retro dad: Whether he’s an avid Marvel fan or enjoys classic movies, there are plenty of gadgets that can make him feel like a kid again (or even upgrade your own childhood memories). From comics to video games and action figures, there’s something for every type of fan.

For the modern dad: From smart home gadgets to smartwatches and activity trackers, your dad can now do more with his day. Whether he’s a health fanatic or a tech guru, there are plenty of things that he can still make use of.

For the new dad: From clothes to fun tools that will help him immortalise those priceless memories with his new baby, there are plenty of items that you can treat him with in his new role as papa.

For the car enthusiast dad: Whether he’s a petrol head or an electric aficionado, there are plenty of accessories that make him feel like he’s driving with the best drivers around. From car gadgets to car parts, from personalised accessories to battery chargers and charging pads, you can find something for every type of gearhead.

For the (almost) Grammy-winning dad: Your talented dad is a part-time musician, producer, or songwriter – and he deserves a phenomenal gift that will help him celebrate his personal gifts all year long! Whether he’s looking for a new pair of headphones or studio monitors, a DJ light or even a guitar, get your dad something he needs to enjoy his passion.

For the fitness dad: Whether he’s an avid competitor, or he loves working out in the gym, you can help him achieve that ultimate fit body. Give him an exercise machine, some weight equipment, trainers that wick away sweat, or even wristbands to help keep track of his exercise regime—there is something for every type of fitness fanatic.

In summary, there are loads of gifts that you can get your dad this Father’s Day. Whether it’s something he needs, something to help him unwind, or a way to give him the ultimate gift of love—it will be something that he will always cherish for years and years. And it just might bring you two closer together, too.