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When is International Cat Day and How To Celebrate It

08 August 2022

International Cat Day is a celebration of cats which takes place on the 8th August.
But it’s about more than just celebrating our feline friends. International Cat Day was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to raise awareness of cat welfare and care.
There are lots of great ways to enjoy International Cat Day (whether you have a cat or are just a cat-lover) and to spread awareness of cat welfare.
How to Celebrate International Cat Day

#1 Play a new game with your cat

Inspire your cat’s natural curiosity by creating a cat treat scavenger hunt or give them a new cardboard box to explore.
Or invest in an eco-friendly cat toy for you and your cat to enjoy together.

#2 Volunteer at your local cat sanctuary

Your local animal shelter likely has plenty of cats and other animals that could use your support.

Offer to play with the cats up for adoption, clean the cages and litter boxes or feed the cats.

A peaceful day spent with new feline friends will help you feel good as well as doing good!

#3 Visit a cat cafe

Visit a cat cafe and enjoy the feline surroundings while tucking into brunch. This is a great way to spend time with cats without any of the responsibilities of ownership.

#4 Curl up for some quality time with your cat

Get comfy on the sofa with your cat, a soft blanket and a warm hot drink. Enjoy some quality time with your feline. Brush their fur and give them a nice stroke behind the ears.

#5 Cat sitting

Don’t have a cat? Volunteer to cat sit for a friend or even offer your cat sitting services on Facebook Marketplace to enjoy some quality cat time without the responsibility of owning one.

#6 New cat treats

Try out some new cat treats - perhaps even that gourmet range you have been eyeing up! Or try making these homemade cat tuna treats for your cat.

#7 Cat photo shoot

Pay for a professional shoot to get quality photographs of you and your feline. Or enjoy a make-shift shoot at home.

Invest in a lovely photo frame and proudly display your photo.

#8 Cat-stagram

Social media is full of cat memes, cat videos, cute pictures and helpful tips for cat care.

You could also take to your own social media to share images of your cat with your friends or to promote local cat charities and cat care awareness.

#9 Brush up your cat knowledge

Do a little research into cat care. Share your knowledge with other cat-lovers to spread the importance of cat wellbeing.

Or why not watch this video of veterinary surgeon Aisling O’Keeffee reading a children’s story about how to look after a cat. It’s a soothing and educational listen for children and adult cat-lovers alike!

#10 Celebrate your cat

Make a card to celebrate International Cat Day. Put up some cat bunting or bake a cat-shaped cake.

Your cat will prefer a low-key style party, so why not put on a little classical music and chill out with some nice treats for you and for your cat!

Fun Cat Facts for International Cat Day

● Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping.

● The oldest cat ever reported was called Crème Puff who lived for 38 years and 3 days!

● The longest cat ever recorded was 48.5 inches long and the tallest cat was 19.05 inches tall.

● The maximum speed of a house cat is 30 mph.

● The longest jump by a cat was by Waffle the Warrior Cat who jumped 213.36cm in 2018!

● In a UK survey of 10,000 cat owners, 91% said that their cat is part of their family.

● 18% of UK households have a cat.

● International Cat Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare on 8th August 2002. In 2020 the day was rebranded International Cat Care Day to focus specifically on the health and wellbeing of domestic cats.

● International Cat Day is celebrated around the world, but not always on the same day. Cat Day in Japan is on 22nd February, in the USA National Cat Day is 29th October, and in Russia it is celebrated on 1st March.

A Short History of Cats

● Evidence for the oldest known pet cat comes from a 9,500 year old grave discovered in Cyprus.

● Cats have been domesticated pets since ancient times.

● The Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats and would go into mourning when their cat died.

● Mafdet was the first known cat deity and was regarded as the protector against snakes, scorpions, and evil during the First Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

● In Medieval Europe cats became seen as superstitious and were blamed for spreading the Black Death in 1348.

● In the East, cats were valued as companions for the wealthy.

● Cats only began becoming popular companions in Europe again in the 1600s.

● On 18th October 1963, Félicette became the first cat to go to space.