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How to stay healthy while playing console games

23 February 2021

The anticipation surrounding the console game restock is a sign of the popularity of console games in the UK. There was news from Express that UK retailers such as Currys, John Lewis, and BT have started to offer PS5 stocks.

Nintendo is among those who made a big announcement this year. The Kyoto-based consumer electronics and video game company showed a full Direct presentation showing the games that will be available in Nintendo’s hybrid gaming console, the Switch during the first half of 2021.

Nintendo Direct is where the company showcases its content or franchises through online presentations or live shows.

The ever-growing video gaming industry is here to stay, and for a good reason. Whether you are playing Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, winning a game or two is a highly rewarding activity that will keep you on your toes.

Playing video games is a prevalent form of entertainment in the UK. According to The Guardian, the British isles are known for their innovative and sophisticated video games. No wonder that there is a growing market for video games, especially Generation Z.

Generation Z, born from 1996 to 2010, are digital natives. As New York Times aptly said, Generation Z is the first generation to have easy access to smartphones and computers. They do not know a time before social media since they were born in a world run by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While playing console games is a great hobby, the same activity might have an impact on your health. By staying proactive about your wellness, you don’t have to suffer from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. A few changes in your routine will allow you to become a healthy gamer.

Staying healthy while winning

Virtually slaying dragons or enemies is fun -- until you notice that your back or neck is hurting from all that extended sitting. Or maybe you feel a bit tired lately because you don’t get to drink water as you should.

Don’t worry -- you can still enjoy playing games. You have to be more mindful of some activities to stay on top of your health. Here are some suggestions for a healthier lifestyle:

1. Stand up more -- You can alternate between sitting and standing while playing. This way, you have more chances of staying active throughout the day. Standing can help you to stay more active and focus. This Forbes article said that standing more could help you to be a better thinker.

You can buy a sit-stand desk so that you are encouraged to stand more. FlexiSpot’s Electric Gaming Desk was created to accommodate the needs and wants of a gamer. It has a bigger and smoother desktop area which allows for freer and more precise movements.

Ergonomics is important, especially if the gaming sessions tend to be grueling and intense. Learning how to sit and stand properly will help you avoid postural aches and pains, muscular imbalance, and joint degeneration.

2. Drink up -- Make sure that you stay hydrated even while you play. The human adult body is made up of 60% water. Water is responsible for most bodily functions. If you feel like you have sore eyes or joints after or during a long gaming session, you might be experiencing dehydration.

Keep water on hand at all times so you can always remind yourself to stay hydrated every 15 minutes or so. If possible, let go of the soda and sugary juices, which contain sugar and caffeine that can hamper your health and energy level and even affect your waistline. Lay off the colored beverages and go for water instead.

3. Eat healthily -- We know it’s tempting to eat salty or sweet junk food during a gaming session. However, this kind of food will have an immense negative impact on your body. You don’t have to count your calories or macros just like a bodybuilder does, but it pays to keep a close eye on what you put inside your body.

Proper nutrition will keep your body healthy and strong. Instead of ordering take-out from fast-food restaurants, you can opt for home-cooked meals. Having a more balanced diet with whole foods is beneficial for the body, as noted in this Medical News Today article. You can try snacking with nuts, fruits, and vegetables instead of the usual junk food spread.

4. Don’t forget to take breaks -- Do you often get carried away while playing video games that you forget to take some time to pause and stretch? It might be time to take frequent breaks so you can optimize your gaming skills. A simple five-minute walk or stretch session can stimulate your brain and help your blood to circulate. With an improved mood and cognition, you will have more drive to get the most of your next game.

5. Sleep, when you should -- Getting enough sleep is crucial for overall health. According to the Sleep Foundation, sleeping recharges the body and mind. Besides, without proper sleep, the brain cannot function properly. Lack of adequate sleep leads to a gamut of problems like fatigue and weight gain. It even affects the ability to focus, concentrate, and process memories.  

Listen to your body

A healthy gamer is akin to an effective gamer. When your body is devoid of pain or diseases, you have more energy and time to play more. Recognizing your body’s health needs will help you to stay healthy even beyond the grind.