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8 Tips to Start Your Work Day In The Right Way

27 January 2022

Whether you work from home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space, it pays to start your day off right and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success by working in a healthy and ergonomic way. A supportive routine can have a significant impact on your experience in the workplace.  

Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you build a positive start to your day:

Tip #1: Get a good night's rest

Sleep is essential for many things, such as maintaining good posture and staying healthy. If you're not getting enough sleep (7-9 hours each night), it will affect your body’s internal processes. But when you get a good night's rest, you'll wake up refreshed and energised.

You'll also be in the best position to focus on what needs to be done throughout the day.

Tip #2: Stretch & refocus on your goals

Stretching your muscles as soon as you wake up will help prevent them from locking up and becoming stiff. Yoga is a great way to stretch before you start your workday. It also helps you get in the right mindset for your day by bringing your concentration and focus to the present moment.

Give yourself some time to plan out what you want to do that day, while setting yourself some small goals (such as achieving a certain number of tasks by the end of day). This can help keep you focused.

Tip #3: Take a few minutes to meditate

One of the most important things you can do to start your day is to take a few minutes to meditate. There are lots of free and paid apps that can help with meditation, such as Headspace.

Using a meditation app is a great way to take a few minutes to focus on yourself. Whether you do it first thing in the morning or after you've worked out, this will help quiet your mind and keep you focused throughout the day.

Tip #4: Write three things you're grateful for that day

It's easy to get into the habit of forgetting to take a step back and appreciate what you have. One simple way to do this is by writing three things that you're grateful for that day. It can be anything from the fact that you have access to a computer and the internet, to the fact that it’s Friday!

It's also important to remember other people, like those who support you in your goals.

Tip #5: Exercise for at least 15 minutes

Once you're in the right mindset after a few minutes of meditation and gratitude, it's important to make sure you move your body. Exercise is one of the best ways to build muscle and increase flexibility, which is essential to maintaining good posture as an adult.

It also helps reduce stress and anxiety, which will allow you to focus on your work and productivity throughout the rest of the day.

Tip #6: Eat a healthy breakfast

You may be tempted to skip breakfast; however, having a substantial source of energy can help you perform better at work. Plus, starting off on the right foot can help prevent you from skipping lunch and snacking on junk food throughout the day.  

Whole foods are key when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast. If your time is limited in the mornings before work, try something that won't take too long to prepare and eat (like an omelette). This can help you feel energised and keep focused throughout the day.

Coffee is great for jumpstarting your system in the morning. But make sure you aren't getting that jolt from sugar or other additives, since this can lead to fatigue later on in the day. And on that note...

Tip #7: Hydrate!

Hydration is key to maintaining good health, especially when you’re working from home. Drinking plenty of water helps prevent you from becoming too fatigued throughout the day and will help keep you alert and focused.

Start your day by keeping a glass of water next to your bed so you remember to drink it when you wake up, and finish the day with another before you go to bed.

Tip #8: Set up your workstation

Whether you're working from home or at an office, it's important to have a dedicated space for your office tasks. This is where you'll spend most of your time throughout the day, so make sure you set it up well. This can mean setting up your inbox, opening documents, and setting out telephones and mobile devices on a desk.

You should also make sure your workstation is well lit and that your desk has adequate room to spread out if necessary. Make sure you're sitting at the correct height and distance from your screen with the top of your monitor in line with, or slightly below, your eye level — use a screen raiser if you need to.

And be sure to keep your workstation (and the surrounding area) as tidy as possible. Having a cluttered workspace can make it hard to stay focused on what you're doing. Avoid keeping things on your desk that you normally use at home, such as piles of bills or other paperwork.

In summary, while getting the right ergonomic setup is important, it's also important to form the right habits in order to be healthy, happy and productive. That's why we encourage you to take a few minutes each day to set yourself up for success to make the most of your day. It's a simple way to be more effective, both in your work and in your life.