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8 Items You Need in Your Bedroom

19 July 2022

We know that your bedroom is not just your bedroom. Bedrooms are relaxation zones where you enjoy your only time away from the kids with 20-minute meditations and activities you enjoy.

Bedrooms are dressing rooms where you spend hours preparing for events and trying on ten outfits before finding the right one. In the modern age, your bedroom can even be your office, where you work from home at a desk or on your dressing table.

In short, bedrooms are important. We spend at least a third of our day in the bedroom, so it’s crucial that your bedroom is filled with items that create a relaxing atmosphere and bring you joy.

Here’s our list of items or decor that every bedroom needs.

1. Plants

Plants are an affordable and easy way to transform a bedroom from a plain environment to a lush, green, interesting space. Plus, the benefits of plants go beyond aesthetics.

Many plants actually contain properties that help to purify the air around us, so you can transform your bedroom’s atmosphere into cleaner air.

2. An Adjustable Bed

Struggle to get to sleep because of snoring or sleep apnea? Want to read before bed but can’t get your pillows at the perfect angle? Pregnant but finding it impossible to sleep on a flat bed? Finding it more difficult to get out of bed as you age?

You need an adjustable bed! This adjustable bed base by Flexispot offers customisable comfort in the form of a headrest that you can incline between 0 and 60 degrees. Adjustable beds give both sleepers in an XL bed the incline they want, whether for reading, meditating, or simply sleeping more comfortably.

3. Ample Lighting

Depending on the time of day and what you’re doing, the amount of light you’ll want in the bedroom will vary. During the day, it’s good to cleverly set up your bedroom, so you get as much natural light as possible. If you work from home, it’s a good idea to set up your desk near a window.

In the evenings, when you’re settling down with a good book ready for bed, you may want a little more ambience. Invest in a set of lamps with warm bulbs that you can use in the evening, so you can settle down ready for sleep without glaring lighting keeping you awake.

4. A Comfy Rug

When you step out of bed in the morning, the last thing you want to feel is a cold, hard floor under your feet. Investing in a comfy rug will not only add an extra decorative detail to your bedroom, but it will also add a cosy texture, making your room feel like a warm and welcoming space - especially in the winter months.

If your room is decorated in a neutral palette, a colourful rug can add some vibrance. Alternatively, if your room is decorated with bright colours, a simple white or light solid-coloured rug can tone it down.

5. A Leisure Space

Although the primary function of bedrooms is to sleep, it’s worth getting creative with how you use the space. If you like to work out from home, set up an exercise station, complete with dumbbells, kettlebells, and a yoga mat.

If your bedroom doubles up as a home office, make sure you have a productive and clutter-free desk set up. If you enjoy painting or drawing in your bedroom, consider setting up a space near a window where you can indulge in these hobbies.

6. Personal Items

The thing that most makes a house feel like a home is personalisation. Instead of choosing mass-produced items, opt to decorate your house with souvenirs, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, and art that reflects your hobbies and interest.

Are you into travel? Create a noticeboard and pin receipts and tickets from your trips abroad. Do you love music? Print out posters of your favourite album artwork for your wall. There are many ways to ensure that your bedroom truly reflects your personality.

7. A Statement Mirror

A statement mirror can not only jazz up your room, but make your room look bigger, too. Mirrors create the illusion that your bedroom is twice as big as it actually is by reflecting the room back. This will add a spacious, airy feel to your bedroom.

8. A Comfy Mattress

Although a bedroom is supposed to be stylish, be wary of choosing style over substance. Your bedroom should still be cosy and comfortable, so opt for a mattress that suits your needs and makes sleeping easier than ever.

There are tons of mattress types on the market, from memory foam to extra firm. Do some research to decipher which mattress is right for your needs, then pair it with an adjustable bed for the ultimate comfort.