Ergonomic Advice

How a Standing Desk Can Help Entrepreneurs

Standing desks are not just for those who work in the office.

How to Set Up Your Own Home Office in a Studio Apartment

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Benefits of Using An Under-Desk Bike

The sedentary lifestyle is not doing anyone any good.

Quick Start Guide: How to Use Your New standing desk properly!

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A Full Guide on The Parts to Upgrade on Your Motorized Standing Desk

A Full Guide on The Parts to Upgrade on Your Motorized Standing Desk

Drawing Ideas to Connect You and Your Child

Most parents start their kids young with arts.

Practical Ways to Maintain a Positive Working Environment

What are the benefits of having and keeping a positive work environment?

Set up Your Home Office Effectively Even On a Limited Budget

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Things to Consider When Setting up a Home Study Space

Parents have witnessed the detriment consequences of schools abruptly closing.

8 Phenomena that Indicate You Need a New Office Chair

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Which is Better Between Standing Desks and Sitting Desks?

Which is better between standing desks and sitting desks?

Standing Desks and Desk Converters: Which is Better For You

Standing desks and converter desks are all the rage.

4 Tips to Create a Back-friendly Workplace

Many professional workplaces have workstation policies.

About Armrests in Office Seating: Types And Recommendations

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12 Tips to Help You Avoid Being Sedentary at Work

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5 Benefits of the Wooden & Glass Top Desktops

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Why is WFH in Isolation a Common Problem For Remote Workers?

When you look around, you will see that a lot has changed in the last several months

Common Misconceptions About Using a Standing Desk

Exploring common standing desk mistakes, how they affect you and how to fix them

Seven Myths about Working from Home

Working from home can be hugely beneficial all-round. But these common myths often put people off trying it… 

12 Inspiring Home Office Designs to Boost Productivity

A variety of home office ideas that will boost your productivity and morale.

The Ideal Place to Work From Home

Suggestions to aid you in finding the finest spot to work from home.

About the FlexiSpot Crank Standing Desk

Taking a look at crank standing desks and why they're so awesome.

7 Productivity Advantages Of Standing Desks

A standing make can make a significant difference in your life.

Ways for Freelancers to Stay Healthy

Remember that living a healthy lifestyle(both physically and mentally) is an ongoing process.

10 Desk Things That Will Improve Your Productivity

Make the most out of your desk space to enhance productivity and performance.

One-on-One Q&A with a FlexiSpot Desk Bike User

Find out what a Flexispot Bike Workstation v9 user has to say about the product.

Burnout From Working at Home: How to Overcome It

There are a variety of approaches to avoiding burnout.

Strategies on How to Stay Active in Your Home Office

Working from home, regrettably, can result in a more sedentary lifestyle.

Consider Ergonomics When Designing Your Workstation

Essential ergonomic design tips for making your home office a healthy environment for you and your family.

Helpful Work-At-Home Ideas For You

Strategies to help you succeed when working from home.

16 Tips for Managing a Busy Working Day

Simple ways to successfully complete a busy day at work.

The Benefits of Ergonomics for Productivity

Incorporating ergonomics into the workplace is the right move for all businesses.

How Remote Workers Can Improve Their Work-Life Balance

With the rise of remote work, many people are struggling to keep their work and personal life separate.

Simple Ways to Design Your Home Office On a Budget

Simple, low-cost home office ideas that will work for you even on a shoestring budget.

A Happier Working Space: How to Transform Your Office

We are going to look at how the working space can be made to be a happy and healthy place for the employees and the transformations that can be done to ensure the working conditions are right for those involved. 

Health Risks of Sitting 9-5

Spending less time sitting and more time standing will positively affect your physical and mental health.

A Revolutionary Fitness Chair That Gives You a Great Workout at Home

Stay fit and healthy by working out while you work.