FlexiSpot’s 2021 Valentine's Gift Guide

February 02, 2021

Valentine's day
Anna Bee

It was just like yesterday when we celebrated the holidays and the coming of the New Year. Now the month of love is here. It is a time to celebrate the significance of love in our lives.


One of the most thoughtful ways to show your love is by giving gifts to people who matter to you. If you're taken, then you would want to give a gift that is as useful as it is thoughtful. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but you have all the right to splurge on a present if you want to.


Don’t fret if you are single! February is a great way to discover self-love in its various forms. In any case, pausing and remembering to love yourself and those around you lead to a more fulfilling life.


Unique gift ideas


Gift-giving can be nerve-wracking for some. We’ve rounded up some of the best ergonomic products for a twist on a classic Valentine's Day gift. Included in the suggestions are products that will keep them healthy amid the pandemic.


Why go for ergonomic products, you may ask. The answer is simple: Ergonomic furniture such as a sit-stand desk or a desk converter can help develop an active work environment. They are also practical gifts because you or a loved one can use them every day.


  1. A desk bike -- Biking while working? Well, why not? A little cycling will go a long way in strengthening the body. The best thing about this desk bike is that it has eight intensity levels, so it's easy to switch up your workout routine. Is your loved one always looking for ways to be innovative at work? This desk bike can pump up the energy and creative juices. Take it from the Telegraph UK, which said that exercising inspires creativity.
  2. A gaming desk - If your significant other loves to play video games, then this gaming desk is the perfect romantic and practical gift. With its minimalist and ergonomic design, this desk will add character to any workstation. Its desktop has a smooth and sleek finish that promises precise mouse tracking movements. This desk is a practical gift that speaks volumes about being a supportive partner.
  3. A smart workstation - This item can give any workstation that much-needed ergonomic factor. Created by top US designers, this workstation is aesthetically pleasing as well as convenient to use. This particular workstation can accommodate a computer and keyboard for a more comfortable working position. Plus, it can move up and down without any hassle. Needless to say, it’s the perfect present for your valentine who tends to be busy at work.
  4. A standing desk - Is your significant other always complaining about back pain? Chances are, he or she is sitting too much while working. Mayo Clinic reported that inactivity is one of the reasons for an aching back. A fast solution to that is ditching the traditional desk for a sit-stand desk. This kind of workstation would allow for more movement throughout the day instead of sitting at a desk. Your partner will certainly feel the love and care behind this gift.
  5. A desk converter - Akin to a standing desk, a desk converter allows for a smooth transition from sitting to standing all day. This desk converter is like the workstation mentioned above, but it has a bigger space for computers and a full-sized keyboard. With this kind of gift, your soulmate is sure to enjoy the benefits of a more ergonomic workstation.


The way to the heart


You want the best for your partner. It is only typical that you'll do anything to ease his or her pain, worries, and stress. Ergonomic products will help you in this concern. If your loved one could use a healthy dose of wellness at work, we recommend buying ergonomic furniture to promote more movement in his or her home office.  

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